Ask Daraz Reviews - Scam or Legit - Payment Proof

While I was Googling for an earning website then I found AskDaraz when I visited there and saw - I was shocked to see that I was looking like facebook. I checked it for some minutes, created an account, earned some points, and get some details to share with you. Today, I am going to share everything about askdaraz that is this website good for earning? 
Ask Daraz Reviews - Scam or Legit - Payment Proof

Scam or Legit?

Till now, it seems that ask Daraz is safe to place to earn money and for socializing. You can earn and withdraw money from this website. You can use it as the best social platform. If you don't trust developers then don't share any personal information, pictures, or videos. 

What is AskDaraz?

Ask Daraz is a social site like facebook, twitter, and Instagram. You can create your ID like facebook. You can create posts, like posts, comment on posts, and you can also share amazing posts. 

Furthermore, you can earn money by performing any activity on Ask Daraz. You can withdraw money from this social website. 

How to Earn Money?

Click the Join button below to join Ask Daraz - create your ask daraz account and start earning money by -

Reacting on Posts = 2 Points
Comment on Posts = 2 Points
Creating New Posts = 10 Points
Referring Friends = 0.10$ 
8000 Points = 1$
Don't be confused - Click on Join to create account.
                             Register Now  

How to withdraw?

You can withdraw money when you have 0.50$ in your account. You can withdraw it in your Jazzcash Account. Video on - how to withdraw money is coming soon.


Guys, this was humble info about Ask Daraz - if you need any further information about this or any other thing then kindly comment below. 

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