Jazz Free Internet Packages (Secret Codes)

A few days ago, I was running out an internet bundle. I was not able to update my facebook status. Then I tried some of my old tricks and codes for Jazz free internet. Hurrah! I got 8GB free on my Jazz SIM. I was glad to get it then I tried those tricks on my friend's phone. Those were working greatly on that phone too. Now it is a time to talk about Jazz Free Internet Packages.
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What are Requirements?

The requirements are small. If you have a 4G phone or less then, you can get 5GB Free on Jazz. You'll need 4G SIM Card too. After that, if you have a 3G/2G or Keypad mobile then it great talk. Now I'll tell you some of my secret tips and tricks, please read carefully. 

→ Codes,

Guys, these are some Jazz free internet codes, try these codes on Jazz SIM. Try these codes on any new SIM, New means that SIM on which you have never tried before.

1GB Free on Jazz

1GB Free on Jazz is very easy to get because this is very viral and old code. I've got 1GB about an hour ago writing this article. If you have never tried this code before then just dial it. 

Code: *5555#

This code works for every SIM and on every Package. If it worked for one time then you can try the same code after 5 to 8 days later. 

5GB Free Internet on Jazz

I was randomly dialing codes, then suddenly I saw 5024 MBs on my mobile screen. I was shocked to see the message. If you're also excited to get 5GB free on Jazz then dial this code. 

Code: *671*2#

This code is to check the remaining MBs. If you dial this code for the first time on any unique SIM then you'll be able to see the MBs. Unique SIM means, which is used in any keypad mobile, and this was never used for the Internet

→ Tricks

Guys, I have told you working codes on Jazz. Now I'm going to share some tricks that are working on Jazz. If you have never tried these tricks on Jazz then try and 7GB Free on Jazz. 

2GB JazzMuft4G

I've received this SMS for thousand times in the last 6 months. If you think that it is not the truth then you watch live proof in my VIDEO

Tip: Put your SIM in any 2G mobile, 3G device, Keypad mobile, or any QMobile. After using for 2 minutes put it back into your 4G mobile. Turm on data of turn off it after 5 seconds. 

Detail of JazzMuft4G 2000MBs.

You'll get a message like this, 
"4G phone laane ki Khushi Mein apko 2000 apko de dye gye hain".


Guys, I have told you some codes and tricks, that are working on Jazz. If you've got free internet then kindly tell us for user satisfaction. If you have any problem then also comment down. I'll be very thankful to you.

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