Pixamotion Loop Photo Animator and Photo Video Maker - Download and Reviews

My computer was not able to run Adobe After Effect. I was wondering about how to animate things like clouds in my photo. Then after some days, I found an android application named Pixamotion Loop. I was pleased to see the wonderful app and just installed and enjoyed much. But not always everything is perfect. Today in this article, we are going to discuss the features of this app and review. 

Pixamotion Loop: Photo Animator and Photo Video Maker.

This is an android application to move and animate the things in your photos. This app can help you to animate items in your photo and after this, you can save your animated thing as GIF or Video. You can also share your work on Instagram and other social media platforms.


Play store ratings: 4.6/5.0
Price: Free (In-app purchases; 620PKR/Item)
Apk Size: 19MB
Required Version: 4.3 or above.
Installs: 500,000


Basic purpose and feature of this application to make Live Wallpapers, video, and GIFs, and animation effects.

After this, you can create interesting and amazing short animating videos and clips to share with your friends. 

As the app name is "PixaMotion" this is a motion creator app that lets you create motion in your frozen photos.

This app lets you create live and moving GIFs, videos, effects, and Wallpaper to set on your theme. 

This is not ending, that you just animate things. You can also freeze your animation things in your photos. 

This application gives you a full-featured photo editor, animator, video editor, and effect maker. There are many filters and photo editing tools to create stunning photos. 

After all the things, this app lets you create professional-looking app photo. If you haven't adobe after effect or other costly software then you can use this cool android application.  

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My review is to use this app and enjoy life. Because if you don't afford to buy any big profession photo editor and video animator then this app can help you to create something that you wished in a dream. 

We should not decide by the reviews of others because the problem may be in their devices. But not all the time every user honestly review. So, install and try yourself, if you like then don't see that what others say. 


Guys in this humble article, I have shared an app, app information, app features, and my review about the app. I wish that you must try Pixamotion Loop Photo Animator and Photo Video Maker. After this, you should give your review here. 

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