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If you are looking for whatsapp group link apk where you can join thousands of active daily groups then you have found it because we are going to release another version of YoGroup - WhatsApp group links app. 
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YoGroups is an app in which we add daily 100 to 150 WhatsApp active groups. Our users also can add their group to help us. We feel happy when someone adds any group. 

This is a professional app, pro means this is not any fake application. We have added every information in the application. 

We keep our user happy and this is our duty to manage the application for you. We are working hard on it to provide you a professional application. 

This is the second version of the app - we changed the name from humblelinks to the new name YoGroups. There was a little privacy violation in that name. We hope that you will enjoy this app. 

Now we are going to tell you everything about this app. You will surely use this app after reading this article. I hope you will like the app.

Free App:

This is a free app and we do not get anything from our user. We show the ads of other companies to earn revenue. You can use this free without paying anything. 

Help us by reporting the person who selling this app or any other app from humbletricks. Your help will be appreciated.

Ads in the app are not annoying, there are only 2 ads in the app - one of them is banner ad and another one is a full-screen ad. We are not showing any video ad.

If you are getting a professional app free then it is your duty that you should do something for us - you can do a nice thing by just adding one of your WhatsApp group in our app. This thing will help us to community growing fast. 

Good Design:

It is said that our app design is very good - we got some reviews from users on facebook there we came to know that users are enjoying our good design of the app. 

In the design we have created one tab menu where we have added three buttons about Groups, Add Group, and the about button - in about button you can access our app and see the details about our every app. 

We are working on two projects, soon we will launch hat two apps - and we hope that you will like those apps also. 

On the top, there are three buttons including, contacts us, like us, and exit button. 

We surely hope that you will like the app's design because of it similar to the WhatsApp official apps but remember this is WhatsApp groups link apk. Don't be confused.

Active Groups:

All groups in the app are active because we add 100 groups by admin daily and users also add their groups. So, it is a dynamic app where everyone is adding their groups then it has active groups.

In YoGroup (WhatsApp group link app) - you can join the latest active groups. It is our duty to add 100 groups per day for you. 

In the app, there are ten categories of groups - in every category, we add 10 groups, so this will be 100 per day. 

Join these active groups and add some active groups. After our hard work, if you use this app then it is your duty that you should add some groups. 

Add Group:

As you know that we have added an option where you can add your groups. We hope that you will use this humble option and you will add you amazing groups in the app. 

If your groups are not showing in the app then don't worry because it shows group in random because if someone is trying to add its spam group then it will not show in the top of the list.

How to add a group?
There may be any question that how to add a group in this app? So, read these tips to add your group in the app.

Just go to the WhatsApp official app and open your WhatsApp group. Click on group name which you want to add in our app.

Then scroll down and click on invite via link then click on 🄯 copy link then come to our app.

Here click the plus button and fill the information like this. Select one category, put your name, put your group name, and in last paste the group that you have copied from WhatsApp.

Your group will be added at the same time - soon user will find your group and they will join your group.

I hope that you will like this feature - now we are going to tell you some more features of YoGroups (whatsapp group link apk)

More features:

We do not allow to user to add their erotic groups in this app - we will delete groups like this from our app. You can add only clean and good groups. 

Group image feature is disabled yet, it will show default icon but we will set it soon with the new design. 

If you give good response to us then we have a thousand features to add in it but till now there is no response from you.

In our next version of the app, we have decided to add a search button in the app - by this feature, you will be able to search any group from our database. 

We are working on some features and we will update them soon. You will be notified in about and info section of the app.


Our app is not on play store - you can download it from Mediafire 4.6MB

If you don't know how to download and install then watch this tutorial video.

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