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After a long time, I am back with a beautiful android application for you. I am sure that you will like this application.

In the last 20 day, I developed an application which name is HumbleLinks. Prefix Humble is from our website and Links mean that we share bundles of active groups and News.

There are some important features in this app that we are going to discuss below.


Purposes Of Application:

As you know that it is difficult to find active WhatsApp Groups. So, to make it easier we have developed this app.

Another purpose of this app is to make our user activity and easier to reach on our News Feeds. So, user can enjoy trending News.

This is a free App:

Yes, this is a totally free app. We show some ads to pay salary to our employees and other bills. So, after developer this app - this is our right to show some ads. Ads are not annoying because there are only two ads.

How fast it is:

This app needs an Internet connection for better results. If you have a good Internet connection then this app will be loaded in a second. Our database is so fast. It takes no time to load. If you are adding your groups then your groups will be shown in a second as you add them.

Other features:

As we have discussed that there is a list of category. You can select a category to enjoy groups from that category.

A large number of groups is the main feature. If you think that there are only some groups then this is not right and you don't know the truth. Clear one thing - that this is a dynamic application and we are adding new groups in this application.

Our user has permission to add their groups. This is not a small feature - you can add your group as you want. You can add your group name, group category, your name to show under the group name and a picture of the group.

Our News feature is more valuable. As you know that everyone in the world wants him updated. To full-fill your desire, we have added a new feature. You can enjoy the news as an article as well as videos.

You can access our Facebook page by just clicking on the Facebook icon, and you can close the app by exit button, and you can mail us by email that is provided in the app.

How to use:

Just download it from provided link and install it.

Note: If it shows play protect warning then please click on install anyway or stop scanning apps from play store. It is just showing because this app is not on play store. There are not any spam things in the app.

After installing it successfully click on icon and launch the app.

On the first screen, you will see a list of category. Select any category to get groups of that category.

Click on JOIN if you want to join any group from these groups.

How to add Group:

This is easy to add your group to get members.

Just navigate to the add group screen.

Follow the instructions of the app. First of all select category - that category in which you want to show your group.

Then enter your group name as it is on WhatsApp.

Then enter your name as you want. This will be shown under the group name.

Then enter the link of WhatsApp Group. If you don't know how to get link then read this Article by WhatsApp.

If you have any image URL then paste it in the box or leave it as it is. If you put your image URL then it will show your image. If you leave it as it is then it will show our App Icon.

Click on Add button. You will be notified if the group is added otherwise the app will tell you the error.

Important Privacy Policy:

This is necessary to show you that you can't do these things with the app.

You can add spam groups or link in the app. If you will try to add or any of user will try to add any bad or spam links in the app then we will remove it immediately. In our coming update we will restrict some words and Links.

This is because we want our user safe and secure. This is only for your privacy. We don't want that our user feels unsecured on the application. You can help us by reporting the bad links on our provided email.

Screen Shots:

humblelinks, humble-link, whatsapp groups, whats app links, whatapp group, whatsapp groups links, whtsp linkshumblelinks, humble-link, whatsapp groups, whats app links, whatapp group, whatsapp groups links, whtsp links

humblelinks, humble-link, whatsapp groups, whats app links, whatapp group, whatsapp groups links, whtsp linkshumblelinks, humble-link, whatsapp groups, whats app links, whatapp group, whatsapp groups links, whtsp links

Support Us! 

Without your support we are nothing. You can support us by reporting bad thing on the application.

You can support us by sharing this article and adding your group. 

Support us if you have a kind heart.


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