What is On-Page SEO and How to Do?

Without SEO your blog cannot rank in any search engine. To rank your blog, you have to know about On-page SEO. Today in this humble article we are going to discuss this. I'll tell you about this and how to do this easily. So, start reading.
What is on-page SEO,   What is Off-page SEO,   Why is important,    Off-page vs On-page, How to do this, SEO in the theme, SEO in the article,

Something to say before we start,

In this article, we are going to discuss just, what is On-page SEO? In this article, I will cover up some important things for beginners. Every beginner who comes to blogging and starts just writing. He writes and writes. He does not know only writing is enough. There are many other things that we have to do.

A beginner can read this article because this only to help beginners. An expert can see another article. The expert can check and review my article. I will be glee if you comment or find my mistake. Because this is an idea to correct that mistake.


  • What is on-page SEO?
  • What is Off-page SEO?
  • Why is important?
  • Off-page vs On-page,
  • How to do this?
  • SEO in the theme,
  • SEO in the article,

What is On-page SEO?

These are some things, that can teach you properly about this. All these things are the answer to your question.

If you have a blog then you need to do SEO of the blog. The SEO which you do on your blog pages, theme, and content called SEO on page.

We write an SEO friendly article; we do SEO on our theme and add some meta tags to it.

In this, you put tags, keywords, description, title, and images to your blog.
On-page works for the main key to SEO. If you have a good SEO on your page then I'm sure you will get better Off-page SEO.

What is Off-page SEO?

A little introduction of Off-page SEO is that it is related to links, that links you get from other sites. Building links are Off-page SEO.

You can only get Off-page SEO when you have good SEO on the page. This is because no one wants to show bad looking blog to in his blog.
In the SEO, which you do not touch your blog is called off-page SEO. In your blog, you can do off-page SEO when your blog has some unique.
You can pay for off-page SEO. You can search thousands of the site, that have much DA PA. On these sites, you can request for guest posts or buy backlinks.

So, first, focus on SEO on the page. If you have good SEO on your page then you can get better off-page SEO without wasting money or time.

In starting you will not wish to pay, because of it costly and a beginner can take the chance to do it. They always want to rank their site with the optimized page.

Why on page SEO is important?

Yes, it is very important. Without this, your site is cannot rank or even it is difficult to get traffic. 

Even you cannot get little traffic on it from a social site. If you are not doing SEO on your page then stop building links or sharing your blog to social media.
It is because, without unique content, a unique design, and SEO settings, it is wasting time, energy and money. 

First of all, make something good and interesting in your blog. No one in the world will say you to do Off-page SEO first then on-page SEO.

Google will also hate your blog. Bots of Google will start ignoring your blog. They can penalize, decrease ranking, and many other bad effects.

Stop blogging and start helping your father in his business, when you don’t want to learn SEO. Because without this you cannot fill-full your desires and pocket.

If you want to earn through AdSense then it will cause for rejection, if you don’t SEO on your blog.

Off-page SEO vs On-page,

This is not good to compare them. Everything in the world important, but some things are to do first. Like it is a good idea to drink water before eating breakfast.

Like this everything that is in the world, have its particular time to do. SEO also has its rules.
What is on-page SEO,   What is Off-page SEO,   Why is important,    Off-page vs On-page, How to do this, SEO in the theme, SEO in the article,

If there is nothing on your blog, and you have started getting backlinks. It is like you are doing to pray for a baby without having a wife. It is not a good idea to get a child without a wife, you to get it first.
On other hands, if you have got a wife then you have to pray for a baby. I think this is being over joking.

Meaning of this joke is, that you should do SEO on your page first then try to get some off-page SEO.

The outcome of the text is, you should do both SEO. First, make your blog able to get backlinks from other sites.

How to do On-page SEO?

I don't recommend to follow me. If you don't want to follow these steps you can find better than me. There are thousands of videos on YouTube and millions of articles about this. You can find better than me.
What is on-page SEO,   What is Off-page SEO,   Why is important,    Off-page vs On-page, How to do this, SEO in the theme, SEO in the article,

Otherwise, if you want to read this then I'll give you some simple tips about this SEO, I applied these tips on my own site. I have analyzed some bloggers and YouTubers experience.

All the articles and videos, ask to apply these tips and techniques. It is the summary of all those articles and videos.

1. Blog settings,

Do proper settings of your blog before you start uploading content to it.
To seeing beginners, I'm going to tell you something about the blogger basics settings.

URL, title, and description,

Yes, these things also important to do before uploading content. If you are targeting any particular keywords you must follow these things.

Your URL must be relevant to your keywords and niche. Like if your blog topic is football, then it a big mistake to make URL cricket.com

After creating a relevant URL to the niche. You have to make title matching with URL, keyword, and the niche of the blog.

Once you have made a URL and title. Then generate a description that is containing your all the targeted keywords.

The last step is to put all these things on your blog. To do this go to blog settings, you will find all the settings. It is not a big deal.

2. Theme,

Yes, a theme also comes in our topics. A user who came to your site and doesn't find the meaning and purpose of your site because of the poor theme is the biggest mistake in your page SEO.
If someone comes to your blog, he must be happy to see it. He must understand the purpose of the blog. The theme should show the meaning of the blog and the way to find the user's desire. Once he found the content which he wants then you have done 25% of the page SEO.

So, the outcome of the text is that the theme should be responsive and user-friendly. It should not be like a bridal.
In below text, I'm going to tell you some theme settings that are important.

SEO in the theme,

Now our theme is good and content is king then we to do some SEO on this. This means that how people will and Search Engine will catch your blog. To do this you have to maintain keywords in every article.
You have to add meta tags in it, you have to add meta title, you have to write a good description to put in theme. Let me explain it.

Meta tags,

If you don't know anything about meta tags then don't use them. Some meta tags will be used in HTML of your theme. Meta tags are keywords, title, and description. This title and description are not for an article, this is for the blog, the title of the blog, and description of the blog.


Title tag,

<meta name='title' content='title of blog'> 

Description tag,

<meta name='description' content='description of blog'>

Keywords tag,

<meta name='keywords' content='comma separated list of keywords'>

3. Content,

As it is often said that content of King. You should follow this humble quote. If your content is good then your blog is good. Even human and Google Console want unique and high-quality content. Content with proper SEO is the king for a blog. It will help you to rank fast.

SEO in the article,


Give a good title to your article. Your article must contain your keywords. This means that your exact keyword should be in the title. You can also some related keywords in your title of n article. If your exact keyword in Football then it should be the start from football. Just focus on your keyword everywhere you are.


Describe the whole article only in 150 characters that what about your article is, and what purpose of your article? You must include the exact keyword with some related keywords in those 150 characters of description. It is a good idea to repeat the targeted keyword one time in your description.

Final Words,

Guys this was a piece of simple and clean information about On-page SEO. I hope that you liked the article. If you like then tell me in comments.

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