How to start a blog and make money from it?

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How to start a blog and make money from it?

If you have heard about blogging or you are fond of blogging. You should keep in mind these things before you read, how to start a blog. These things will help you a lot in making your blogging career. 

Though blogging nowadays has become very tough a person with a healthy and smart mind can make it easy. If you have some qualities in you then you can start a blog.
Listen, if you don't have proper knowledge about blogging then you can get help from this article on what is a blog?

Here I am going to tell about some requirements to become a blogger. Here I'll tell you why some blogger doesn't succeed in their blogging life. Here I'll tell you about some common mistakes in blogging. Here we are going to discuss the proper guidance before starting a nice blog. Let's Talk about it.

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Steps in, how to start a blog?

Before you go for it you should check these steps. After checking these steps find them in you. If you are following these steps then you are going in the right way. I’m sure that you will earn better honor and money from your blogging career.

An idea about the blog,

Yes! Before you start a blog, you must have a good idea about your blog. This means that what about your blog will be. What you will share on your blog? What is your interest? What you like?

All these things are important before you start a blog. You should search and think for it on which topic you are to start a blog.

This step this first and very complicated. If you do a mistake in this step then you will start a loop of mistakes. So, choose a good idea for your blog. Do proper planning before you do it.

This is very important to select a topic for your blog. The topic on which you want to create your blog. If you are a traveling person you should create on travel.

Many bloggers select a field and after some time they think that they have no content. They search on Google, how to create the content? Select a Great topic, make great content and become successful.

If you have good planning then you can do it. Planning means that you should find a good niche first. Then do good research on it. Search everything about your competitors. Find all the topics about the blog, on those topics you will write articles.

So, this important that once you have selected a topic then you will need much content on that topic. So, select it carefully.

If you do not have planning it is the waste of time. You can never get any traffic to your blog. If you think that I can get traffic from social sites then listen to traffic from social sites will not fill your desire. To earn much, you have to get traffic from a search engine.

Choosing a perfect platform,

On this planet, there are many companies providing services to make a blog. Google (blogger), WordPress and Vix are common nowadays. It depends on you should decide which suits you. Now you are thinking that if I can't tell you then why I am here. Don't worry, just go on these websites (blogger, WordPress) and just see them don't take any step.

After checking them think about them which suits you. Let me explain.


There is a proverb in Punjab (Pakistan) that the son of poor or rich will buy a bicycle first, not a car. It means that a blogger is a place where every person goes first.

You can customize your blog freely, no much money required. If you have knowledge about HTML and CSS then it is the best platform for you.

Beginners should use this for some months to know to blog much. Its hosting is good. Hosting matters in traffic. If your traffic is very huge then you should use this with a nice domain. Otherwise, if you have normal traffic then you can try any other hosting. For more about hosting, we will discuss below.


This is a place for professional people. Beginners can also learn about but not easy then blogger. You can use plugins for your blog. You can buy a premium theme and custom domains.

Many bloggers make mistake in choosing the right platform. Once they had selected a platform. After some days they shall realize that another platform is best for them. So, choose carefully.

Once you have the select the right platform and correct topic which meets your habits then you are done. No need to worry about next. Just read the information below, go rock.

You can select WordPress if you have good money to invest in your blogging career. You can check its plans on, if you want to invest money then it is a good place.

Choosing a domain name,

This is also important to choose a good domain name for your blog. You can purchase it from any domain company but be careful about before you choose a domain.

First of all, think about your topic that what is your topic? Then select a name that meets your topic. Your blog name or title should be in the domain name. try to find a domain name who is matching with your blog title.

Domain name length must be maintained. It should be about 12-15 characters. It should not be lengthier. It should be user-friendly that everyone can understand the purpose of a blog from your domain name.

After buying it connect to your blog. Do all the settings about your URLs. This is complete. You have created a blog. Now you have to design it.

Design it like a pro,

Design means, how your blog looks. This is also very important. The theme should be attractive and impressive. It should be responsive.

You can use a free template but this will not be best for your blog. If you are buying a top-level domain then you should buy a good template. You can search thousands of templates by google.

On your paid template you can remove footer credit and you can add you on footer credit, mean to say copyright, etc.

You can customize your blog freely. You can add gadgets and many other options for your viewers. This will attract your visitors.

After buying a good template you have to design it. Change its color and the colors of your own company. Create an amazing logo for your header and design a good favicon.

Design it like a pro, which means that your blog should attractive and professional like a person who attracts everyone to him. So, design it like a pro.

Choosing hosting,

I would like to clarify something before we go “choosing to host” that is, I inserted this heading on the 5 number. This is because some bloggers do not buy hosting. Telling them about hosting is like to make them confused.

Now, come to the point. Hosting the way to send your content to your visitors. After creating beautiful a blog, you have to upload it on any hosting site.

To do this buy a hosting plan from anywhere you want and upload your blog to it. After uploading the blog on the hosting site, your blog will be live and ready to get traffic

Now, this is upon you that where from you buy hosting. You can search about hosting that meets your budget.

Never use free hosting. You can use blogger hosting, in place of free hosting. It is better to free hosting.

Rare Content,

Creating a blog, buying a domain, designing like a pro, and buying hosting is not enough. The main part of this article is to focus on quality content.

If you have not good content then you should leave blogging. Because in this generation of competition, content is the king.

So, create a quality content first then think to make money from blogging. If you are copying at the beginning of your blogging career then you are wasting your time, energy and money.

If the content is king you should serve this king first. It's alright if you don’t have good hosting, theme or domain. It is not right if you don’t have good content.

So, I repeat again and again that I do something for content. Invest you all energy and time to generate good content.

How to make money from blogging without quality content, in a query of mad people. 

Submitting to search engines.

Search engines mean where we search for our problems. Where you searched this article that was a search engine. Why my article came before you?

By submitting our blog to search engine we get traffic from a search engine. You can also submit your blog to any search engine. This is free of cost.

You can also be able to send your blog o google. There is not only google on this planet. There are many search engines like google, yahoo, Yandex, and bing.

It is a good idea to submit your blog to every search engine. You can submit on all and you can earn good traffic on the blog (website).

After you do this, in some days the search engine will index your blog posts and send you good traffic. If your On-Page SEO is good then you can get good traffic.

How to earn money from a blog?

You have followed every heading of this article. If you have done everything then you can earn money from blogging.

There are thousands of ways to make money from blogging but the basic way is an Adsense. After creating a blog that meets Adsense criteria then you can apply for Adsense.

In 3-7 days Adsense will approve your blog to show ads on it. Now you can show ads and make money from your blog.


This was how to start a blog? For a beginner, I've discussed much above. This is enough for beginners. If a beginner follows these steps, then he is the star of the future. Because no I saying for these steps, every force his students to follow these steps.

You can also ask more about blogging. Your comment will be appreciated and you will get a reply absolutely.

If you have any suggestions about this article then please do not hesitate to comment.

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